Zacharias Wolfe

Common Ash – Fraxinus excelsior  

For this piece the movement and sound of trees in general was an inspiration. As I compiled the sounds and harmony for the piece, I observed the trees moving outside my window and was inspired by the ebb and flow of their movements and how the sounds of the foliage integrated with the harmonies in the piece I was playing around with on my computer. The resulting composition will hopefully result in a similar awareness in the listener, allowing the whispers of the trees and other pieces of music to be heard.

Zacharias Wolfe is a Swedish composer and oboist studying for a BMus (Composition) at the RCM with Haris Kittos, supported by a Keith Poole award. His main interest lies in working across genres and art forms, leading him to work with filmmakers, artists, fashion designers, dancers and musicians. His music has appeared in Sweden, the UK and France and in diverse contexts, such as the Royal Academy of Art, techno clubs and the KALV contemporary music festival.