Salvador Sanchez Fernandez

Common Beech – Fagus sylvatica  

I was inspired by the grandiosity of the Common Beech tree. I discovered that these trees can grow even bigger than the one in Kensington Gardens, so I created a really thick and big piece of music, and then reduced its layers until it felt like something with the potential to become quite big but was not yet fully grown.

Wild Service Tree – Sorbus torminalis  

I was really inspired by the uplifting nature of the shape of the Wild Service Tree. The fact that the tree can grow so tall inflicted on me a feeling of grandiosity that I wanted to represent with the music, by creating really thick and uplifting textures combining synthesisers and strings.

Highclere Holly – Ilex x altaclerensis  

I was inspired by the really colourful fruit that the Highclere Holly tree grows during spring. I tried to create a really textural piece of music. I wanted to imitate the sound of wind passing through the leaves with looped piano on top of the texture.

Salvador Sánchez is a Spanish pianist and composer. He is studying for a BMus (Piano and Composition) at the RCM with Danny Driver and Alison Kay. In 2016, he was awarded the Isobel Dunlop Composition Prize. Most recently, in 2019, he was awarded first place in the Edinburgh Competition Festival, Concerto Class. Salvador has performed as a soloist in numerous venues around Spain and the UK.