Jieun Lee

Common Lime – Tilia x europaea  

Large Leaved Lime – Tilia x platyphyllos  

Lime trees are abundant in Kensington Gardens; they are everywhere and without lime trees this place would not be the same. I used synthesisers to put an atmospherical feel into the harmonic sequence I devised, which sounds soothing and mysterious at the same time. I tried to imagine what a typical stroll in the gardens would feel like. I wrote 65 variations for all the Common Lime and Large Leaved Lime trees in the area using countermelodies and different samples. It would be amazing if my music adds to the great experience of walking here.

Jieun Lee was born in South Korea. She has travelled around the world internationally growing up. She studied with Alison Kay at the RCM and is currently studying Music at Oxford University. Her works were performed at Wells Cathedral as part of the St Andrew’s Day service in 2018 and by the Hermes Experiment at the RCM in 2020.