Anian Wiedner

Horse Chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum  

Starting on just a single note played by a small string orchestra, this piece gradually evolves rhythmically and harmonically and climaxes in a C-Major chord that spans over 5 octaves. This musically paraphrases the outer appearance of most of the Horse Chestnut trees in Kensington Gardens. But as most of these trees are already very old and in poor conditions, the repeat of the piece is a lot slower, with reduced parts and a thinner texture, not ending in C-Major but in C-Minor. To intensify this “Tree Requiem”, a solo cello ‘grieves’ over this and for a short moment even quotes the first two notes of the Gregorian “Dies Irae”.

German organist and composer Anian Wiedner is currently studying for a BMus (Organ and Composition) with David Graham and Francis Shaw at the RCM. He has performed in various locations, including Buckingham Palace. He is currently the principal organist at St Mary’s, Parish of Acton. His compositions are regularly performed by instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, orchestras and choirs. He was recently commissioned by the Pegasus Symphonics Orchestra and American bass clarinettist Taylor Barlow.